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摘要: School of Psychology ----University of Birmingham

About us

We have an excellent reputation for teaching and research with around 800 students studying a wide range of undergraduate, postgraduate and research programmes.

Our BSc degree is accredited by the British Psychological Society. It offers a broad and practical education, providing our undergraduates with all the skills needed to become a contemporary psychologist. The School is also introducing two new 4 year undergraduate Master of Science courses, designed to enhance career opportunities for those interested in applied psychology or psychological research.

The School ranked 3rd in the UK in the recent Research Assessment Exercise, and over £8 million of research grants and contracts are currently held. We are also home to the Birmingham University Imaging Centre.

Our School of Psychology is one of the largest in the UK, with approximately 500 undergraduate students, 250 postgraduates and 90+ research and teaching staff whose interests include all areas of contemporary psychology.


The School is housed in two adjacent buildings at the centre of the campus: Frankland and Hills. The Hills building has been completely modernised to meet our particular needs and houses purpose-designed research laboratories. It contains laboratories specially equipped for work in the cognition of vision, speech, action, neuropsychology, and rehabilitation.

Further specialist research laboratories are located in the Frankland building: psychophysiology, psychophysics, visual perception, food and nutritional psychology, physiological psychology, psychopharmacology, social psychology and child development. We also have several rooms with closed-circuit television suitable for research.

Baby volunteer in the Infant and Child labSpecialist equipment includes:

  • Two 128-channel EEG/ERP laboratories
  • Two laboratories for trans-cranial magnetic stimulation (TMS)
  • Five eye trackers for measuring eye movements
  • Robotic systems for motor control
  • Four sets of motion analysis system
  • A specialist baby lab for studying, EEG, eye movements, and non-verbal behaviour in infants and children

The School is a major partner in the Birmingham University Imaging Centre (BUIC), which houses a research-based 3T fMRI scanner, along with additional specialist equipment for EEG/eye and hand tracking, and TMS. It is also leading the new centre for Computational Neuroscience and Cognitive Robotics in partnership with the School of Computer Science.

Besides the School’s own equipment and laboratories, many facilities in outside organisations can be used. There are also strong links with departments in our own and in other Divisions covering the arts, social, engineering and medical disciplines.

Local and global links

The School of Psychology also has extensive links with local hospitals and clinics, universities, schools and nurseries, industrial companies and local and national government departments. These links are beneficial to our students as they provide opportunities for individual research projects. Clinical psychology training and research in the West Midlands are based at our Clinical Psychology Centre.

The School’s research is supported by approximately £7 million grants per year and has the latest equipment and four specialised research centres:

We also sponsor the following research groups: the Behavioural Brain Sciences Centre which includes the latest facilities for human brain research and neuropsychology; the Midlands Alcohol Research Group; the Learning Difficulties Research Group, and the Family and Forensic Psychology Research Centre.







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