PhD position in Brain Imaging Methods – KU Leuven, Belgium

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摘要: 我导师招生广告。他千叮咛万嘱咐,一定要我发到中国各大网站。欢迎中国学生报名。Dante是极好的人。人好,钱多。速来!Applications are invited for a PhD position at the Brain Imaging and Neural Dynamics Grou ...

Applications are invited for a PhD position at the Brain Imaging and Neural Dynamics Group (, led by Prof. Dante Mantini. The successful candidate is expected to develop new methodologies and software tools for integrated analysis and modeling of brain connectivity, as measured using high-density electroencephalography (hdEEG) data. The research focus will be on functional interactions between brain areas, both during resting state and motor performance.

The Brain Imaging and Neural Dynamics Group is based at the Research Centre for Motor Control and Neuroplasticity of the KU Leuven (Leuven, Belgium), and is also linked to the Neural Control of Movement at ETH Zurich (Switzerland). This offers large opportunities for training and collaboration, and excellent brain imaging (MRI and hdEEG) and brain stimulation (TMS and tDCS/tACS) facilities.

Individuals who hold or will soon receive a Master degree in Neuroscience, Brain Imaging, Physics or Biomedical Engineering are encouraged to apply. Experience with programming in MATLAB and proficiency in English language are required. Knowledge of available EEG/MEG data analysis tools (e.g. SPM, FieldTrip, Brainstorm), experience on EEG/MEG source localization and connectivity analyses, and research interest in the field of neural control of movement are appreciated. Above all, candidates should be keen to learn new techniques, and be interested in both technology developments and their applications.

The PhD start is negotiable, and is expected to be between March and October 2016. Applications should be sent electronically to and include a CV with publication list, a statement of interest, and the names and email addresses of two potential referees.

The application deadline is 30 January 2016.






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